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CONTENT CREATION for businesses

I work with businesses and professionals to help them reach their audiences and create a community around their product(s) and or services. In this era of democratized media creation through self publishing, it’s an amazing time for businesses to seize this opportune moment.


Are you looking for video production services for your company, small business or non-profit? I offer video production services for those who understand the power of online video and are looking to create promotional or fundraising materials & more.

CONTENT/Marketing coaching

Creating content online as either a business or as an individual is a great way to share your message and connect with other likeminded people. I can help you get started to build your own library of content online or make content on your behalf and help you to reach your goals.

About Rafael Di Furia

I’m an Italian American born in the USA but now living in Italy after many years of going through the process to become a citizen of Italy through my Italian ancestry. After many years of working towards my goal (including many sleepless nights), I feel truly blessed to be able to say I received my recognition of Italian citizenship and can call Italy my home. I’ve been coming to Italy since I was a child but have officially lived in Italy since 2017. I first moved to Merano in the region of Alto Aidge/Südtirol but now reside in Rovigo, Veneto.

2009 was the year that I left the USA and started my new life abroad.  

Professionally my background is in Video/Multimedia and Marketing and I’ve worked in various positions during my career starting as a camera grip, to working as a camera operator for live broadcasts and editor all the way up to directing a television weekly news show. But my passion has been to work with smaller companies startups and individuals such as musicians and public speakers to help them with their video needs, for promo, internal use, fundraising and more. Seeing the enjoyment on my clients faces as they see their production come life is quite a special treat.  

About The 'NYAG' Project

The Not Your Average Globetrotter project is based on content produced and shared for free online for people who are interested in living abroad, “expat life” and especially living in Italy. Because moving abroad and especially moving to Italy is quite the undertaking, I wanted to share information and experiences with others in hopes of helping people to avoid a difficult transition into life abroad. 

During my own research I found the content I was looking for simply didn’t exist or was not presented in a medium that I found easy to consume. Because of my experience in television production and passion for the world of video, I thought it I may as well be the one and make the content myself and try to help others with the information I already have and sharing what I learn along the journey. 

I try to keep my content as informational as possible while still having fun with it and entertaining for the viewer. During my search for content before I started my own project, I found many creators focused only on the glamorous side of life abroad while forgetting about the daily realities that people face in a new country, learning everything from the beginning all over again. There’s more than just the “Pizza Pasta and Amore” Another hope for these videos is to help viewers know that they’re not alone. There are other people going through the same struggles as they are with the same questions that they have.  I enjoy being part of the global discussion about life abroad with the people I meet along the way sharing information with one another.

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Support The 'NYAG' Project

If you have found any of the videos a part of the NYAG project helpful and or entertaining please consider helping the project continue with a monthly or one time contribution.

Expat consultations & Coaching

For those of you who enjoy my videos on life abroad but are looking for more information or personalized information about life abroad and making that transition, I offer private *non-legal* coaching and consultation sessions as well as location research and reports.

Location Portraits

Who’s going to be the one to take your picture at all of those locations you want to visit during your trip? Do you need a few pictures of you in Venice on your trip to Italy for your instagram to make all of your friends jealous?


If you would like to send me a message, feel free to contact me through Social media or to use the contact form below.

*Please note, because I’m not a lawyer or legal advisor, I’m not able to answer legal questions. However, in some cases I may be able to direct you to a professional who can. I DO NOT help or offer assistance with obtaining: visas, permesso di soggiorno (permission of stay), identification documents, passports, and will not assist in any illicit activities such as, but not limited to: obtaining fake/counterfeit/forged/replica identification documents and passports, assist with marriages specifically to obtain a visa or citizenship. Messages requesting illicit activity will be ignored and may be forwarded to the authorities.

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